Molly Moth Saves Christmas

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by Sam French

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Alien Exchange Student

Balty Estrella is nervous as all get out about his first day at middle school.  Not only will this be his first day of school, he’s about to learn that his ‘study abroad’ program will be literally out of this world! 

Monster's Almanac

When NPR correspondent Rivka Schuster (and her 11-year-old son Leo reluctantly tagging along) began her investigative research she never thought she’d be interviewing some of the most famous cryptozoological creatures of all time – Sasquatch, The Chupacabra, and even a sassy Jackalope. What’s more, it turns out that all of them might be victims of a larger conspiracy — unless Leo has something to say about it.

Meet the Cast

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Meet The Creators

Jason T. Reed

Jason T. Reed

Casey Wolfe

Casey Wolfe

Jason T. Reed is a film and television producer and the owner of Jason T. Reed Productions, a company focused on producing high-quality film, television and digital content, as well as building integrated franchise worlds for a global audience.

Casey Wolfe is a producer with over twenty years of experience in the feature film business. His various roles in the industry as Director of Development at Walt Disney /Touchstone Studios, head of the Disney Screenwriting Fellowship, and Manager of Creative Affairs have given him a top-to-bottom understanding of the business of creating of high-quality family entertainment.

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