The Monster's Almanac

by Joe Fisher | CLICK TO PLAY

“The Monster’s Almanac”

by Joe Fisher

Featuring the voice talents of

Meeghan Holaway
Austin Mosher
Rick Jay Glen
Larry Mauro
Mark Diaz
Siouxsie Suarez
Berkley Pickel
Susan Lanier
Neal Starbird
Joe Fisher
Eliot Schwartz
Amy Weaver



Meet The Creators

Jason T. Reed

Jason T. Reed

Casey Wolfe

Casey Wolfe

Jason T. Reed is a film and television producer and the owner of Jason T. Reed Productions, a company focused on producing high-quality film, television and digital content, as well as building integrated franchise worlds for a global audience.

Casey Wolfe is a producer with over twenty years of experience in the feature film business including a stint as an executive at Walt Disney Studios.  He’s also the creator of the podcast Earbud Theater and co-creator of the Brick Moon Fiction Podcast.